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20/20 Imaging Momentum-DR GL-P

The simple way to upgrade to DR. Our affordable and simple-to-install retrofit solutions that add the benefits of Digital Radiography capabilities to your existing x-ray.

20/20 Imaging delivers solutions that provide clinical and economic value to meet your needs. The Momentum-DR Glassless Flat Panel Detectors are our lightest, strongest and most sensible solution to help you improve efficiency and reduce user fatigue without compromise.

Increased sensitivity by replacing the glass substrate with a thin film transistor (TFT)

Momentum-DR Glassless Flat Panel Detectors use a thin film instead of a glass substrate to achieve lighter weight. Removing the glass reduces the distance between the scintillator and the TFT to increase sensitivity. The electronics are optimized to reduce electrical noise. Additionally, the Momentum-DR GL-P provides a High Dynamic Range option that provides a 200μ resolution for a wider range of tone variations to visualize tissue.

Superb image quality – Glassless standard resolution imaging

  • High-dynamic range imaging at 200μm resolution
  • Power cell life up to 4.3 hours on full charge (1 LiC)
  • 14″x17″ panel weighs 3.9 lbs/1.8 kg super lightweight, including the capacitor
  • IPX56 dust and liquid resistance (with integrated power supply)
  • Image area 348.8 x 425.6mm
  • External dimensions 15.1″x18.11″x 0.6″
  • Matrix size 1,744 x 2,128 (200μ)
  • Diagnostic view in 4 -7 seconds


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