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Optimal flexibility. The versatility to capture a wide range of studies. Enhanced productivity through excellence in image quality. Easily installed in a limited space. The DX-D 300 is the quick and easy way to go direct digital. With it, you’ll enjoy – consistently – the high image quality of MUSICA image processing.



Optimal flexibility for universal use

Its U-arm makes it suitable for lateral ‘cross table’ exams on rolling tables and, as a result, can be used in a number of configurations:

  • For ambulatory patients who can “walk and talk”,
    it is ideal for chest, extremities and abdomen
  • For light emergency work, a rolling table means
    access to the patient for immediate positioning.
  • Free exposures, such as those for patients in
    wheelchairs or Full Leg Full Spine exams, can be
    achieved by manually rotating the tube out of its

The combination of a single detector with a fully motorized positioner, and automatic collimation from the NX’s exam pre-sets, increases productivity and ergonomy for the radiographic technician.

Affordable way to go direct digital

The productivity of the DX-D 300 reduces the cost per exam and makes direct digital a smart investment. The intuitive nature of the NX workstation reduces
staff training costs, while the number of exams achieved per X-ray unit is greater than two times that of a conventional room, maximizing cost-efficiencies.

Widest range of exams in a limited space

Space is at a premium in most healthcare environments. As a floor mounted X-ray unit, the DX-D 300 is easy to install and requires limited space of just 3 m x 3 m x 2.8 m. Its small footprint provides a compact direct digital X-ray solution that enables you to capture the wide