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Americomp Spectra 325E

  • Maximum Output is 300 mA at 125 kVp. The power of a hospital grade unit in a compact form ideal for a clinic or private practice.
  • SCR Contactor with Back-Up Electromagnetic Safety Contactor opens and closes the tube power circuit at zero voltage, preventing tube damaging voltage spikes.
  • Tube overload protection circuits alert the user if any technique setting (kV, mA and time) exceeds the tube rating, and prevents an exposure.
  • Digital mAs reduces user reading error and improves setting accuracy and repeatability.
  • 8 Step Line Compensator
  • 5 mA Stations (50s, 100s, 150L, 200L, 300L), mA output is precisely controlled through automatic space charge compensation over the entire mA and kVp range.
  • Digital Timer with 23 Stations (1/120 to 6 seconds) 14 time stations below 1/2 second easily accommodate the use of rare earth intensifying screens.
  • kVp Range, 40 to 125 kVp, Adjustable in 2 kV Increments
  • Two Bucky Selector Switch
  • Vinyl Wear-Resistant Control Panel face cleans easily.
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty
  • Compatible with many A.E.C. Systems
  • Complies with Federal Standards at time of shipment
  • UL Classified

Every radiographic generator design starts with essentially the same objective: create x-rays efficiently and control their production. But how the design accomplishes this objective is what makes the difference. Americomp’s approach to design is shown in the Spectra 325E.

The styling is clean and functional. The control panel is ergonomically engineered both for comfort and ease of operation. Features like SCR contactor, tube protection systems and a solid state digital timer contribute to your imaging quality and satisfaction. Throughout, a focused effort was made to provide safety for both patient and operator.

The entire design philosophy is aimed at providing you a unique combination of safety, reliability, quality and value. That is what sets the Spectra 325E apart when it comes to the challenging task of creating x-rays.