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Carestream DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System

Elevate Your Imaging with Greater Mobility.

Looking for a mobile X-ray system to replace your existing unit or add to your current fleet? Is your facility still relying on a CR-equipped mobile unit?

The ideal solution would be the addition of a new, fully digital mobile X-ray system. And now it’s easier and more affordable than ever to obtain.

The CARESTREAM DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System is a fully integrated DR mobile X-ray solution that provides an easy workflow, elevates productivity and produces outstanding images.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Dual displays streamline workflow and boost productivity
  • Quickly reposition the cart from the tube head or remote
  • Provides superb maneuverability, even in tight and cluttered environments
  • Offers seamless compatibility with a range of Carestream DR Detectors
  • Utilizes user-friendly ImageView software


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