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Del Medical FWFC

Affordable Quality and Reliability

The DEL MEDICAL FWFC System offers an affordable, flexible solution designed for medical imaging centers and urgent care facilities looking to maximize space and minimize room modifications. It features a secure floor rail and an upper wall or ceiling mounted rail for installation flexibility and effortless longitudinal travel and quick positioning.

The FWFC System might be the most affordable radiographic system in the DEL MEDICAL product line, but its outstanding build quality and performance make it a perfect fit for lower volume facilities looking to enhance their diagnostic imaging capabilities. Built in the USA, it is prepared to deliver many years of continuous use and exceptional user-satisfaction.

Compact Precision

The FWFC rotating tube stand offers exceptional versatility and accuracy. Its 180° column rotation, centering detent, electrical vertical and longitudinal locks, and 9 in (23 cm) transverse travel provide technologists with fast positioning and comprehensive accessibility.

Power and high tension cables are encased in a flexible housing made of non-porous material. This protective tubing provides space-efficient, safe, and easy to clean cable routing.

Four-Way Float Top Table

The RT100 table features a 700 lbs (318 kg) patient weight capacity and a stain-resistant floating tabletop that glides freely on a precision roller bearing system. Float top movements are safely controlled by heavy-duty electric locks, activated by a conveniently placed foot treadle release. The standard cassette tray accommodates your choice of 14 x 17 in (35 x 43 cm) or 17 x 17 in (43 x 43 cm) detector with ease. Its all-steel structure and welded base provide maximum strength and reliability. In addition, the RT100’s base can be used to store Anthem generator electronics, making it a great space saver for tight room layouts.

Ergonomic Wall Stand

The ultra-compact VS100 upright is powered by an electric lock release handle and dual counterweight cables for added patient and user safety. Its expansive vertical travel of 58 in (148 cm) enables a complete range of exams from skull to weight-bearing knee and ankle exams.

Rotating Tray

The easy-to-use rotating tray enables manual rotation of the DR detector. The stable one-handed operation supports fast portrait-to-landscape positioning without ever removing the detector from the tray. Fully extended steel slides activate locking mechanisms to assure detector protection when loading and unloading — designed to accommodate a wide array of ISO 14 x 17 in (35 x 43 cm) cassette-sized detectors.