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Fujifilm FDR D-EVO II 14×17” GOS (G35)

Instantly upgrade to DR productivity, image quality and dose efficiency

Fujifilm's FDR D-EVO II 14×17″ GOS (G35) DR detector is lightweight and rugged. The smooth sealed surfaces lock out moisture, and the tough magnesium alloy casing is durable and more resistant to impact than ever before. FDR D-EVO’s rapid preview and cycle times help to improve exam efficiency and the overall patient experience. FDR D-EVO II is perfect for busy environments such as ED, OR and trauma, and wherever speed to diagnosis is critical.


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Additional information
  • At only 5.7 lbs. the lightest 14×17″ detector in the world (includes replaceable battery)
  • Built-in memory allows immediate image acquisition for trauma, and sharing with mobiles and other rooms
  • World’s first detector with antibacterial coating featuring Fujifilm’s exclusive Hydro AG
  • IPX-6 water resistance rating
  • Durable: World’s highest distributed load resistance, 683 lb.
  • Tapered comfort edges for easy positioning and grasping from behind patient
  • Fast, 1-3 sec. preview, 8-10 sec. cycle time
  • Exceptional imaging with improved dose efficiency
  • Patented ISS detector technology improves DQE and MTF*
  • Fits standard table and upright buckys and cassette holders
  • Extended battery life – up to 36 hrs. standby time with deep sleep mode
  • Multi-charger holds up to 3 spare batteries

*compared to traditional DR capture circuitry designs