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Kubtec KUB 250 Neonatal Imaging System

Our new baby—the KUB® 250 System—is the highest resolution low dose portable digital X-ray system dedicated for the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

Unlike most other systems that have to decrease their resolution to reduce radiation dose, making image quality inadequate, the KUB® 250 System is the world’s first portable DR system with 96 micron pixel size and radiation dose up to 40% lower than other available systems.

Reduce risk of infection with the nimble, NICU-dedicated, mobile KUB® 250 System. The system is small enough to fit beside and between incubators, powerful enough to offer the highest resolution (96 micron) images, and gentle enough to offer low dose imaging for our tiniest patients.

The system’s CMOS detector slides into the incubator without having to move the infant, and produces the highest resolution, high contrast images in seconds at the very lowest radiation levels.

The system features a touch screen monitor, articulating arm for decubitus view, integrated patient ID barcode scanner, rapid image acquisition, zero warm up time, and auto calibration, reject analysis and exposure index tools. Multiple images can be sent wirelessly to PACS with a single click—with or without annotation.