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Tuttnauer Medical Waste Autoclaves

Safe & Cost Effective

Keep your environment safe from Medical Waste with high performance Tuttnauer Medical Waste autoclave systems designed for small, medium and large hospitals. Tuttnauer steam autoclave sterilizers are cost-effective, using a waste treatment process that is completely safe with no harmful emissions, enabling medical waste disposal in municipal landfills.



  • Easy on-site installation removes need to transport waste to external treatment facility
  • Cost reduction in treatment and management of potentially infectious waste
  • Reduced liability for waste producer due to no off-site treatment processing
  • Relatively modest price and operating cost allows for quicker cost recovery


Environmentally Safe

  • Chemical-free process
  • No radiation
  • Clean and environmentally safe technology


Safe Landfill Disposal

  • Sterilized medical waste which has been processed to remove sharps is simple to dispose in a municipal landfill