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TXR VertEx

Affordable, Versatile & Reliable

The VertEx is one of the most affordable digital or film/CR solutions that adapts to the practices that want affordability, versatility and reliability to perform routine upright and extremity imaging. The combination of a variable tube stand and tilting wall stand delivers the flexibility to accomplish a wide variety of upright and extremity views. Experience high throughput and low cost of ownership with VertEx by TXR.


Floor Wall Mount Tube Stand

  • Platform tube mount, tube rotation
  • Magnetic locks for longitudinal, vertical and tube rotation
  • 10’ track provides for 40” and 72” SID and centering to detector for table top views


Tilt Wall Stand with Digital Detector

  • Floor to wall mount with magnetic locks
  • Tilt mechanism, +90º, -40º
  • 17” x 17” flat panel detector
  • Intuitive software
  • Comfortable patient chin rest
  • Innovative image processing software based on view
  • 103 line, 10:1 ratio, 40 to 72” focal range grid
  • Extensive down travel
  • High throughput
  • Low cost of ownership


Digital PC

  • HP acquisition computer with Intel Core i5 3.4 GHz processor
  • 4 GB Memory
  • Two (2) 1TB hard drives (mirrored) set up as RAID1
  • CD/DVD burner


Generator Integration

  • Virtual control console on acquisition monitor
  • Anatomical regions, view and patient size selected at acquisition monitor
  • Preprogrammed techniques displayed at acquisition monitor
  • Images viewed within seconds of making an exposure



  • 400 or 500 mA high frequency
  • APR


Acquisition Monitor

  • 24” wide screen monitor


X-Ray Tube

  • 200,000 heat unit, 0,6 x 1.5 mm fine focal spot for enhanced detail



  • Laser light collimator



  • 14” x 17” tethered panel
  • Practice specific software
  • Stitching software
  • Report Wizard
  • Positioning Wizard
  • AEC
  • 17” x 17” grid cabinet with tray for film or CR, replaces 17” x 17” digital detector, PC and acquisition monitor